Community of exceptional people

Digital art is our passion...

The Art Lounge Plus team is made up of highly qualified professionals for whom digital art is first and foremost an object of passion.

New artists. Outlines of emerging trends. Unknown, emerging areas. Rapidly disappearing opportunities. We watch them closely every day. We analyse their value. We gather knowledge about them.

We pass this knowledge on to you in an accessible form in order to inspire you, to suggest solutions and to point you in the directions that may be of particular value to you.

Knowledge from various fields ... for your use

Art historians, anthropologists, market analysts, financial analysts and financial specialists - our common goal is to include a variety of perspectives. Only in this way are we able to show the opportunities that the digital art market opens up for Art Lounge Plus members in a fully competent way.

Each individual client mentor:

  • participates in meetings of the interdisciplinary analytical team;
  • consults personal recommendations for each client with supervisors representing various fields of expertise;
  • additionally reviews each client's growth opportunities with other team members working in the relevant market.

The world of digital art as you don't know it yet

The combination of diverse perspectives means that with the guidance of the Art Lounge Plus team, the world of digital art will be open to you.

You will learn how to navigate it

What to pay attention to

Where to look for the real value

In the beginning, we will guide you by the hand. Consult your choices. Discuss why some decisions may not be worth the risk. You will certainly gain independence over time and see for yourself how rewarding exploring the world of digital art can be.

You are welcome!